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Probation is a part of a sentence entered by a judge following a criminal conviction. A judge may order the defendant to a probation term instead of a jail sentence or may order probation in addition to jail time. Probation is a jail sentence, but a probationer is allowed to serve the time outside of jail. The probation sentencing would depend on many factors but mostly on the extent and seriousness of the crime. A first time offender convicted of a misdemeanor crime may have a short probation sentence. A third time DUI offender may have an extended probation term in addition to time sentenced to serve in jail. The terms dictated by the judge and according to the laws are specific and an individual on probation must abide by each term or face charges of probation violations. Individuals with probation violations need to contact a local criminal defense lawyer for legal assistance. It is important to have legal representation from an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney and represent clients facing probation violations. Common violations are failure to appear at scheduled probation appointments, failing to check in with a probation officer, engaging in criminal activities, weapons possession, failure to pass periodic drug tests, relocating without prior permission, and other actions that violate probation.

Probation Violations and Penalties

Barbara S. Foster can assist in all matters relating to probation in the different areas as follows:

  • Juvenile probation
  • Misdemeanor probation
  • Felony probation
  • Federal supervised release hearings

An individual found guilty of probation violations can face increased penalties of an order to return to jail or prison to serve additional time. I understand the probation system. I offer professional legal services that help clients at each step of the court proceedings. I work closely with my clients and focus my attention on each case. I have extensive experience working in the criminal court system including working for the state prosecution in the past. I bring an insight into both sides of the law when I defend criminal cases and the cases of probation violations. Make an appointment with Barbara S. Foster today for a consultation with a qualified defense attorney who can assist with probation violations issues.

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