Drunk Driving Arrest

Have you been charged with DUI?
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I provide personal service and effective Criminal Defense of DUI in the Savannah, Georgia Area.

An arrest is not a conviction, but anything you say may help the government connect those dots. Before you make any statements to police or try to cut your own deal, you need the legal advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Some of the DUI charges I can defend are:

  • Driving Under the Influence (40-6-391)
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs

No matter what the breathalyzer says, a DUI conviction is not automatic. There are many legitimate challenges to a charge of drunk driving. Even if you are convicted or plead guilty, an attorney can help protect your driving privileges and often help reduce the punishments.

The Law Firm of Barbara S. Foster, LLC represents citizens in Savannah, Chatham County and surrounding Georgia who are accused of any crime, including military personnel from Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart. Contact me immediately to protect your rights and find out where you stand.

Act Quickly to Protect Your License and Your Rights Georgia's Department of Administrative Services will automatically revoke your driver's license unless you file an appeal within 10 days of your DUI arrest. At a minimum, I can usually secure a restricted permit so you can still drive to work. And the sooner you contact me, the better I can protect you on the criminal charges. Call me now at 912-421-7110 for a free initial consultation.
DUI Defense - How Strong Is The Prosecution's Case?The DUI laws get tougher and tougher. Jail is more likely, especially for repeat offenses. Fines and court costs are steep. There are many other punishments and collateral consequences of conviction, such as probation, mandatory alcohol assessment and classes, the black mark on background checks, and higher insurance rates.
Fighting to Protect You From the Consequences
You can do more harm than good by cooperating with police or arguing your own innocence. The best recourse is always to exercise your right to remain silent and demand an attorney.

Free Criminal Defense Consultation
With your freedom or the shadow of a criminal record at stake, you need a lawyer committed to the most favorable result.