About Bond Hearings

Getting arrested is often a very difficult and traumatic experience. Your personal freedom is taken away and you face the prospect of having to deal with criminal charges being brought against you. When you are arrested, you have the right to post bond or participate in a hearing to determine if bond should be posted and the bond amount. The hearing will be primarily used to determine if you are a flight risk or if you pose any harm to the general public. The judge will also take into consideration whether you are likely to try and intimidate witnesses should you be released. If you are preparing for a bond hearing, I am available to provide you with strategic direction and serve as your legal counsel at the hearing. I am experienced in criminal law and have extensive experience helping people obtain bail. I will meet with you in order to learn all the specifics surrounding your arrest and advise you on how best to proceed.

People usually go through a bail bondsman in order to fulfill the bond and get out of jail. By law, bondsmen typically charge a non-refundable fee of 12 percent for bonds up to $10,000 and 15 percent for bonds above $10,000. Other ways to post bail include listing your house as collateral (provided the equity is at least twice the bond's amount) or paying the full bond amount in cash.

Posting bail and being able to leave jail while you await your court date is vital. By remaining free, you can continue working and making money, as well as preparing for your court date. Obtaining an experienced attorney to help you with the bond hearing is important when attempting to get a reasonable bond set.

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